Foot Care

Foot Care

Foot Care

We often forget about the importance of our feet and the right foot care is most important to add to a healthy life style. They take the weight of our bodies each and every day and depending on what our day entails, the right type of shoe is an important factor to take in to consideration with keeping your feet in top condition.  Creating comfort and support for your feet and finding the right foot wear is imperative, depending on the type of activities you do during the day.

Whether you’re standing or sitting all day, deciding what to wear on your feet needs consideration. It takes looking after your feet, for them to feel comfortable and fully functional each and every day. Depending on what you do during the day, a pair of shoes should allow for your toes to move freely about, without being squashed to the end of the shoe.

If you work in an office the requirements of your job may leave you with restrictions, with regards to what you need to wear as opposed to what you should wear. High heels look great, but you should try to limit wearing these when you have to rush around on your feet all day. High heels tend to push your feet and especially your toes to the very end point of the shoe. Wearing this type of shoe every day can affect your feet and your toes, leaving you feeling restricted and quite often sore and aching. It is not only your toes that can suffer but your posture and back can be affected and are likely to suffer the consequences of wearing high heels. If you are standing for long periods of time, you would be best to wear something more comfortable if you’re on your feet every day. Not only should you have comfort in mind but you should also be mindful of injury prevention.

If it is a requirement to wear smart looking shoes for your job, it might be a good idea to buy a pair of comfortable, well fitted shoes to wear to work and back home again. Wear the high heels just for the office. With high heels in mind, you don’t have to buy shoes that have extremely high heels. You can vary the height of the heels so you’re not putting your feet under pressure every day in the same position, which would be kinder to your feet. By wearing different heel heights it will keep your leg muscles feeling flexible and looking shapelier as well. To add to the comfort of high heels, if you need to wear them, you could look for insoles or seek a podiatrist that will be able to assist you in making sure you are taking good care of your feet by giving them as much support as possible.

The right shoe is vital for the health of your feet. When you’re shopping for shoes, each style or brand of shoe may not be the same as the next. Which is why if you’re a size 7, it doesn’t necessarily mean all the shoes you try on will be the same size. If the shoe that you try on is too tight, go up one size. Some brands have “half” sizes and you may want to try your size and a half. You don’t always have to wear the size you normally wear if the size up is a better fit. Your foot should not be too wide for the shoe and you should be able to wiggle your toes at the tip of the shoe, making sure there is enough room to move.

Get into a daily Foot Care habit.

Foot Care

It’s a good idea to get a foot care routine happening, for keeping your feet feeling healthy and hygienic. There are many conditions such as calluses, bunions and athletes foot for example, that can leave your feet feeling very sore at the end of the day. Caring for your feet will leave them feeling healthier and in great shape.

Here are a few Foot Care tips:

  1. It is always important to wash your feet on a daily basis. Your feet is the one part of your body that gets sweatier than any other part. Getting into the habit of keeping your feet clean is important by routinely washing your feet of a morning and of a night time. There is nothing better than climbing into bed with clean, moisturized feet.
  2. When you wash your feet, wash them with warm water only and a little soap. Foot Care This will rid your feet of any sweat or dirt. This will also wash any bacteria away from in between your toes and feet. While your feet are still wet, clean underneath the tone nails to make sure nothing stays there. Even if you wear closed shoes everyday, there will be some dead skin under the tone nails that needs to be removed. Scrub around the tone nail with a soft tooth brush to get rid of dead skin.       Foot Care
  3. With a soft towel, dry your feet well and especially between the toes. If you don’t dry your toes, cracks can appear and get itchy while sometimes bleeding. This can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s often a good breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t dry between your toes.
  4. It’s important to trim your toe nails regularly to keep them clean. This will keep them in a healthy condition. Learning how to trim them properly will help to avoid ingrown toenails. To avoid an ingrown toenail, cut straight across without trimming the edges to a curve. Some people prefer to have a pedicure but if you do choose to trim your nails yourself, nail clippers can often do the job better than small scissors. After clipping the nails, file them to make the sharp edges a little Foot Care softer.
  5. Moisturizing your feet daily will help soften and keep dryness at bay. If you have any calluses or dry areas, exfoliate before you apply your moisturizer. It is important to remember to keep the moisturizer away from in between your toes. Keeping the spaces between your toes dry will stop them from cracking and bleeding and creating a place for fungus to grow. Buy a lotion or cream that draws moisture into the skin would be a great investment.

If you follow this routine on a regular basis, you don’t even have to visit the salon anymore for your regular pedicure….maybe only for a treat.

Add a bit of color to your tone nails and you have feet that is ready for that lovely sandals every day.

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