How to Dress a Pear Shape

How to Dress a Pear Shape

How to dress a pear shape

Do you have a pear shaped body?

Do you know how to dress a pear shape?

I have gathered some  information for you on how to dress a pear shape.

PEAR SHAPEThe pear shaped body, is also regarded as one of the most common shaped figures for women. You would define the pear shaped figure as carrying more weight around the hip, bottom and thigh areas. The top part of your body will be the area to focus on so the hip area and top half of your shoulders is in balance. You will have the opportunity to gather some beautiful shirts and jackets to enhance your top half, which will add to your own individual style. If you are not sure how to dress according to the pear shaped figure please follow the steps below:

If you are a pear shaped figure you will notice you have a small waist and a smaller bust. You will be bigger around the hip, bottom and thigh areas.  With your waist in mind, the intention is to balance your hip and shoulders so your body will be in balance. By achieving this balance you will be able to enhance your curves to achieve a very classic look.

With all these aspects in mind, you have the ability to also achieve the hour glass shape. With some clever and ingenious know how, you can really achieve a very alluring and glamorous presence with your personal style.

Clothes to suit this body shape – When you are considering what type of clothes would suit a pear shape figure, you really want to seek out styles that will bring the attention to the top half of your body. You’ll also want to give the appearance of longer legs. Don’t ever think that a glamorous look is not achievable. All body shapes have their own individualism. It is certainly achievable and there are many options available to you to source some amazing styles that can really increase your uniqueness.


  • Looking for pieces that will be a bit longer in length so as to cover your hip and thigh areas.
  • Loose little fitted tops but not too baggy.
  • Shirts with collars, pockets, patterns, stripes and also belts are great choices to get a balance. Lots of design aspects will give you a great look.
  • As noted above, as well as tops, jackets will look fabulous just below the hip line.
  • V necked tops enhance your upper body.
  • A line dresses.
  • Boot/wide legged jeans.



  • Steer clear of very loose and baggy tops.
  • Avoid jackets and tops that end at the hip line.
  • Steer clear of straight skirts, short skirts, pants that place a lot of emphasis on the front and around the bottom and hip areas, such as pleats, pin stripes.
  • Skinny legged jeans, with pockets on the bottom.


  • Underwear that suits – What you wear under your everyday clothes is an important factor in feeling comfortable. Finding the correct fit is also a valid aspect of whether or not you are adding to or subtracting from your figure.
  • Bra – As it is with the pear shaped figure you will want to find a bra that enhances your bust but providing support at the same time. Push up bras and padded bras will certainly work. Your bust will want a bit of a lift which will draw the attention to your upper body and refocus from your bottom half.
  • Underpants – When you enhance your bust area your plan would be to look for some shape wear that will smooth your bottom and around your hip and top of your thigh area. You don’t want to wear the old style underpants that were big and high up around the waist. This can often make you appear bigger than you are.
  • Shoes that suit – Platform shoes, stilettos, low wedges, high heeled sandals and no strap with some diamantes will look appealing.
  • Fabrics – The best type of fabrics for pear shaped figures are soft, flowing fabrics such as chiffon and crepes. The fabrics you don’t want to wear are heavy fabrics as they will make you appear heavy. Monochromatic colour schemes also look appealing.


As we sum up the pear shaped body, there are some wonderful statements that you can wear to hide the parts you don’t necessarily like. As we mentioned earlier you could also have an hour glass figure if you work on finding out the right combinations. Let’s face it, I am sure there are many of us that has a flaw or two that we don’t like. It is important to remember there are always so many ways to highlight the parts you may not like. There is always someone to ask for advice that can help you to work on the look that will suit you. You can have many pieces in your wardrobe of the right choice, when you plan on mixing and matching, so you also don’t have to empty out your back pocket.

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