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The choice of nail polish is something very personal. There are so many colors available on Great look ladies the market. Keep in mind that it is the same as with make-up. The color you choose for your nail polish, has to suit your skin tone. Choose a color that matches or compliments the color of your lipstick. The size of your nails should also be an indication if you are going to choose a dark or light color. If you have small nails and keep them short, it might be a good idea to rather choose a neutral color or maybe even transparent.

Lately nail art is very much in fashion and can be great fun to have that done, or do it yourself if you are creative. Choose a style that compliments your personality.You have to feel comfortable wearing the nail polish. This can be a great way to express your own individual style.

Nail Care Great look ladies

Taking pride and care in your nails, says a lot about how you care for yourself. Believe it or not, a person’s hands are one of the first things that are noticed when interacting with others. Well-manicured hands tell a story about you. You want that story of how others perceive your appearance to make a positive impression.


Taking care of your nails is definitely an important part of your outward appearance. Keeping your hands clean and by wearing gloves when you’re busy around the house, will improve the longevity and youthful appearance of healthy nails.


Great look ladies Cleaning your nails – gently scrubbing around and on your nails to get rid of any dirt will be good basis to begin a manicure. Using an acetone-free remover for any color you have on your nails will be friendlier and kinder to the health of your nails. Using clean clippers to remove any loose skin to prevent the skin from tearing. Apply a good cuticle oil around the nail before you go to bed every night. That will ensure that the cuticles stays moist and won’t dry out.



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