First Impression

First Impression

First impression. Great Look Ladies

How often do you hear the words ‘ Your First Impression Count?’

We live in a very visually receptive world so YES, ‘ Your First Impression Does Count’.

It is important to understand we have all come from different backgrounds and some of you will have more of a keen eye for detail and more knowledge of how important it is to enhance your appearance, by the clothes you wear and by presenting yourself. By taking pride in your appearance, you’re telling the world that you care about yourself. The importance you do place on yourself, will certainly resonate with every aspect of your life and especially, that important job you have been trying to land or a new relationship for example.

When you’re on the path to finding success in the business world, your sense of style and your appearance will speak confidence.  When you are presenting yourself to a potential employer, what you are speaking in terms of appearance, will speak a thousand words as to how you reflect what your future employer will be looking for. Confidence, professionalism, trust, responsibility and your capabilities are what your ‘First Impression’ will emulate, by paying attention to your appearance.

First impression. Great Look Ladies It really is not a secret that your appearance and sense of style will make an important first impression and will affect how you are perceived by some. As an example, if you hold yourself with confidence in an interview, you may notice, even before you get a chance to deliver your speech, an impression had been made already. This is what you really want to aim for. Create the first impression that will reflect that you take pride in your appearance and show confidence in yourself. This evidence will say that you respect and take pride in all aspects of your life.

It is important to recognize the fact that whether it is for the business world or for every day enterprises, it is crucial to remember you are worth the time and the effort to look your best.  You don’t have to spend a mountain of time or money to look good. It is understandable to note there are times, when we do let ourselves go, but you don’t have to. You are worth the time and attention to make the most of your personal attributes. When you don’t care about your appearance, everything around you can often fall by the way side. This can happen very slowly without you sometimes even realizing that it is happening. If you have ever been down that pathway, you may have noticed that not only do you stop caring about yourself, but all the other aspects about your life, including people around you become meaningless.

First impression. Great Look Ladies In today’s world, the importance placed on appearances is a very important factor to consider. In the search of career advancements and moving up the ladder towards seeking that promotion, the level of competition can be tough. Assessing your abilities and considering how you can plan to make that presentation impress, your appearance is an important consideration in helping create lasting impressions.

In today’s competitive world, it is essential to make a strong first impression and there are many ways to enhance your appearance. It isn’t always an option for some people to be able to spend a lot of money on clothes and we understand this. You can obtain your wardrobe from many outlets, where shelling out a lot of money isn’t necessary. In fact you can have a complete wardrobe without requiring a lot of clothes or having to spend a lot. It’s important to dress for comfort and you don’t need to spend a lot to feel comfortable. Being comfortable, also equals confidence. Confidence can speak a thousand words without even really saying a word.

Choices are all about what you can afford. Even if you can afford to spend more, finding the quality, the right fabric and the correct color doesn’t always mean you have to spend a fortune. There are always options for your style. It is developing a very keen eye for detail and experimenting with clothes, textures and colors that will leave you with an exceptional wardrobe that will do you well for a long time to come.


First impression. Great Look Ladies When you’re considering the clothes that are required to suit your profession or for every day purposes, the place to start is to understand your own body shape. The type of clothing you do end up buying will depend on what suits your body shape, including the colors and the materials. You may have considered and re-assessed after reading these past points, that at this point in time some clothes you have in your wardrobe are now a detriment to your personal style and shape. Without the correct knowledge, you could be doing yourself a complete disservice.


What you’re aiming to achieve, is to get the right look for your body shape.  You will want to take a good look at your figure with the importance of gathering an overall image. This practice takes a fair amount of self-awareness.  Really look at yourself in front of a full length mirror and be truthful about your body image and create a clear image of how you actually look. Translate this picture into the shape you are, be happy with your figure and know there are ways to enhance some of those images about yourself that you may not particularly like.

When you’re examining your shape and thinking what will look good, following the latest fashions shouldn’t be a factor in determining your wardrobe. It is more important to purchase what suits you and what you will feel comfortable and confident in. With confidence and comfort in mind, it is about finding that balance and finding the clothes that will achieve that look for you.

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