How to Dress an Inverted Triangle Shape

How to Dress an Inverted Triangle Shape

How to dress an inverted triangle shape

Do you have an Inverted Triangle shape body?

Do you know how to dress an inverted triangle shape?

Read on and you’ll find information on how to dress an inverted triangle shape.

INVERTED PEAR /TRIANGLE SHAPE – The inverted pear / triangle shaped body, is commonly referred to as the pear shape but upside down. Instead of carrying weight around your hip, bottom and thigh areas, you will have broad shoulders and back, with possibly a larger bust. You are likely to have quite an athletic build and possibly a flatter bottom.  If you are not sure how to dress according to the pear shaped figure please follow the steps below:

If you are an inverted pear shaped figure you will notice you have a small waist but a wider top half.  The emphasis to cultivate a great look is to enhance your bottom and hips. So with this in mind this is what you will want to make as your focus. Some women may feel like they’re in a combat zone and find it difficult to find the right balance. It can be frustrating at times. BUT – who doesn’t love a good pair of legs and yes you have it right – you have them!  This is a dream for many women, so show them off. There are many dresses and gorgeous skirts that you can wear that will really give you an amazing look.

It is without debate that with any body shape it has its challenges but with time and knowledge you can achieve the look you really want, when you know what you have to add or take the focus off. With a little bit of work you definitely can retrieve that balance.

Clothes to suit this body shape – As a woman with the inverted pear shape you’ll be seeking to find a balance between top and bottom. In order to find this balance you’ll be looking at finding the right style tops and bottoms to blend, that will help you to look slimmer and create a small flare from the hips. Instead of steering away from taking the focus off your hip area you will aim to add focus to your hip area with pockets and pleats.


  • Your tops should have quite a narrow neck line such as a V-neck or a scooped neckline which gives the appearance that your upper body is narrower.
  • Shirts and tops that have a drawn in waist and a slight curve out of the hip will give you a balanced appearance.
  • Jackets should also have a low neckline, such as the V-neck will also give you a balanced look.
  • Skirts should flare or be full but A-line skirts are also applicable.
  • Boot leg, cargo pants and wide legs pants are a good look to achieve.
  • Skirts looks best if they are just above the knee or below. You still want to show off your leg but not having it too long or too short to give an elegant look.



  • You don’t want to choose tops that will accentuate your upper body such as broad necked tops.
  • Jackets with a large collar.
  • Oversized baggy tops.
  • Stay away from stiff fabrics and high necklines such as turtle necks.
  • Best to stay away from bold and large patterns on the top of your body. You don’t want to attract too much attention into making you look top heavy.


Underwear that suits – What you wear under your everyday clothes is an important factor in feeling comfortable. Finding the correct fit is also a valid aspect of whether or not you are adding to or subtracting from your figure.

  • Bra – A bra should be supportive but it should also have medium style straps. You don’t want them to thin as you need the support.
  • Underpants – With a pattern or frills. Look for different styles. More importantly the aim should be to feel comfortable.
  • Shoes that suit – You will want to buy shoes that are going to be eye catching. Brightly coloured shoes, sandals that are covered in diamantes or beads with straps. This will draw attention to your lovely long legs.
  • Fabrics – You’ll be looking for soft fabrics for the top of your body. Soft woven knits are an absolute gem to wear over your broad shoulders. Heavy knitwear is to be avoided. Dark colours should be worn on the top and light colours on the bottom. Bold patterns can also be added to the bottom.


As we sum up the inverted pear shaped body, there are some wonderful approaches to wearing those key pieces, by hiding the parts you don’t necessarily like. As we mentioned earlier you could also have an hour glass figure if you work on finding the right combinations. Let’s face it, I am sure there are many of us that has a flaw or two that we don’t like. It is important to remember there are always so many ways to highlight the parts you may not like. There is always someone to ask for advice that can help you to work on the look that will suit you. You can have many pieces in your wardrobe of the right choice if you plan on mixing and matching, so you don’t have to empty out your back pocket.

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