The Rectangular Shaped Body

The Rectangular Shaped Body

Rectangular shaped body

The rectangular shaped body doesn’t have a lot of curves and is more common than you may think.

If you have the rectangular shaped body, then this article may assist you in your choices when buying clothes.

RECTANGLE/LEAN SHAPE – If you have the rectangular shaped body, then you certainly will want to present your athletic and sporty physique with pride. It is always good to remember you don’t have to follow the current fashion trends. Classic long standing pieces are a great part to any wardrobe and will always stand the test of time. Understanding the benefits of having this body shape will tell you that as well as being able to wear some boyish type clothes you can also dress very soft and feminine.  If you are not sure how to dress according to a rectangle/lean shape please follow the steps below:

If you are the rectangular shaped body type, you will notice you may have quite a small bust. Your waist won’t have a lot of definition and will appear quite small. Your hips will be quite narrow and your bottom will be relatively flat. Lastly your shoulders will be quite narrow. Due to your body shape being quite straight, your plan will be to create the illusion that you have some groovy curves and accentuating areas such as your bust, waist and hip areas.

With all these aspects in mind, you most definitely have the ability to pull off great style and create some sassy curves. Be brave and give it a go. Your figure type has the ability to look spectacular in the right underwear. There are also many styles of bras and under pants that can enhance your shape, while visually boosting your bust and hips.

Clothes to suit this body shape – When you are considering what type of clothes would suit a rectangular/lean shaped body, it is important to delve into knowing how to create some curves and develop structure through design and style. It’s important to remember that with a rectangular/lean shape, creating curves is the key. The beauty of having this type shape is about choosing unlimited accessory pieces that can flatter and enhance your clothing choices.



  • Drawing attention to your waist can add volume by adding a belt to a shirt or jacket.
  • Any type of jeans will suit you because of your body shape. Low rise jeans that add weight to your hips. Important to add a belt.
  • Lovely flowing short skirts look very feminine.
  • Layered and pencil skirts also look fabulous.
  • Tailored pants look particularly fabulous on slim women. The fit suits this body type.
  • To create a wider look for your hips look out for jackets that flair out at the hips.
  • Belts as accessories add style to the waist especially with jackets.
  • Halter neck styles along with tops without sleeves can really enhance your chest.



  • Straight dresses should be avoided
  • Avoid wearing jeans that sit on your hips this will emphasise how small your wait is.
  • Stay away from straight style jackets with no shape.
  • Avoid buying strapless tops that can make you appear to have no bust.


Underwear that suits – What you wear under your everyday clothes is an important factor in feeling comfortable. Finding the correct fit is also a valid aspect of whether or not you are adding to or subtracting from your figure.


  • Bra – Find the correct fit. As your body shape is fairly straight up and down you’ll be looking for a push up bra or a type of Wonderbra. It is a good way to add some volume to your bust.
  • Underpants – There are underpants with patterns and detail to emphasize your bottom and hips.
  • Shoes that suit – Due to your body shape you will want to steer away from high heeled shoes. They will make you appear to be slimmer than you are. Flat sandals, ankle and knee length boots and ankle strap sandals with a slight heel.
  • Fabrics – because you are slim you would be best to stay away from vertical lines. This would make you appear to be leaner than you are. Horizontal lines, large prints and bright colours would suit.

As we sum up the rectangular shaped body…. your body type can look amazing in many styles. You don’t have to follow trends or the current fashions to look chic. There are many fantastic clothes that can be obtained from many different sources, which could comfortably fill your wardrobe. With that in mind, your choices could be mixed and matched and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Be proud of your shape and know you are beautiful. If you shop wisely you will discover some amazing finds in the most unlikely places. We want to help you accomplish a style that benefits your personal characteristics so you can feel your best at all times.

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