What Should an Apple Shape Wear

What Should an Apple Shape Wear

Have an Apple Shape Body? Do you know what should an apple shape wear?

What should and apple shape wear APPLE SHAPE – If you have an apple shaped-body, then you will certainly want to show off your amazing qualities. Get ready to flaunt your stuff, get out there and declare your elegance to the world. You should be proud of your full figure and be ready to share your grace and style. If you are ready to show off what you’ve got, you need to dress proportionately. If you are not sure how to dress according to an apple shape please follow the steps below: 

If you are an apple shape you will notice that your shoulders and your hips will be about the same width. An apple shape in other words can be described as a full figure and will be fuller in the middle and above the waist. You have a wide torso, broad shoulders and a full chest/bust, top part of your back and you tend to gain weight around your waist and you may have a short upper body. You will find that your chest will be larger than your hips. Your thighs will be the narrowest part of your body. Your arms and legs will be slimmer.

Another aspect when considering your shape is to decide what type of underwear you need to buy if you are an apple shape. This is something that should not be forgotten as underwear needs to be comfortable and most importantly needs to support your bust line. Besides this, it is important to feel great underneath your outfit. A supportive pair of underpants should be considered to support your tummy area and to help hold in your stomach. Shoe choice will depend on what you do during the day.

Clothes to suit this body shape – When you are considering what type of clothes would suit an apple shaped body it is important to remember because you will be fuller in the middle part of your body you will want to draw attention away from that area. It is also important to remember that with an apple shape balance is the key, that is, to make your torso look longer and make your shoulders and waist appear slimmer. Basically any detail you keep, should be below the hip line, above the chest line and the middle/torso should be kept concealed and uncomplicated.



  • Find clothes that don’t cling and materials that flow. Most of all, find clothes that feel comfortable.
  • Choosing tops that steer away from your tummy and more towards your chest and your face. Different coloured tops opposed to different bottom half will give the appearance of having a longer body.
  • Wear tops that have V-necks or square necklines. Anything that will not be too revealing and low.
  • Boot cut pants are great for apple shaped figures.
  • An A-line skirt will make you look slimmer.
  • Jeans that have back pockets can give the appearance of a fuller bottom which will add balance to your shape.
  • To create another balanced look, to not focus too much on your slim legs a boot cut leg/wider leg, will take the focus away from your tummy.
  • The way to enhance your stomach is wearing skirts with pleats or that have pockets in the front.
  • The best way to determine what type of dress will suit your body is to try to look fitting but will find a style that will not draw too much attention to your tummy section.
  • To give the illusion that you have a slimmer tummy a jacket with a belt would be an ideal choice.
  • Finding a jacket that falls just below the hip area will also help hide your hips so you don’t attract attention to your hips, which will make them look wider.
  • Jackets that are drawn in the waist will give a good appearance and make your tummy area smaller.



  • Avoid colours that are above your waist line because this will have the appearance of your tummy looking bigger. Also stay away from bold designs or bold checked material above your waist.
  • You would be best to stay away from revealing too much bust so low neck lines would not enhance your appearance.
  • Avoid wearing skirts that are above knee level.
  • It would be best to steer clear of straight skirts or pants that are too tight. This can give the appearance of looking larger on top.
  • Gathered skirts also give the look of a fuller tummy. These are looks to want to stay away from.


Underwear that suits – What you wear under your everyday clothes is an important factor in feeling comfortable. Finding the correct fit is also a valid aspect of whether or not you are adding to or subtracting from your figure.

  • Bra – Find the correct fit. You don’t need push ups as this will enhance your bust which is not what you want. It is often wise to get measurements as support is important and in considering your back this will be a factor in seeking support also.
  • Underpants – As your tummy is a factor in seeking the right style and disguising your tummy. Looking for a tummy tightening, figure hugging style under pant as perfect match.


Shoes that suit – Support and comfort is an important factor in choosing the right shoe. A perfect match for your slim calves and ankles would be high heels preferably, mid or high heels. Platform shoes and calf length boots are a good choice. Sandals with straps and ballet flats are also good choices.

Fabrics – Depending on what style of patterns you like, you are best to stay away from solid colours because of your tummy. Big prints and diagonal lines are good for top wearing and is an excellent camouflage.

As we sum up the apple shape, it is imperative to note you have the ability to source some great buys to enhance your beautiful curves and to make the most of what you have to offer. Be proud of yourself and be happy with who you are. There are some great fashion options available to you and remember it is possible to not possess insurmountable items but to seek out clever pieces that you can mix and match. Make the most of creating a priceless wardrobe. Our aim is to help and advise you of what options are available to you and the variety of looks that will enhance your personal traits.

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