Apply Makeup the Right Way

Apply Makeup the Right



Apply makeup the right way to create the look that you desire.

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‘In the fashion world everyone wants to look gorgeous and beautiful. Everyone wants to be the center of attraction wherever they go. A women’s beauty is reflected by the radiance and beauty of her face. The face is considered to be the mirror of a woman’s personality.

Great Look Ladies


Apply makeup the right way,

is an art of playing with colors that sooner or later every girl wants to learn. It is very critical to know the right makeup trends depending on age, skin tone, skin type, texture and facial features.

Clear, clean and healthy skin is perfect for applying makeup. A beautiful and effective makeover begins with a cleanser. First clean the face and neck region well with a gentle cleanser and then apply the toner. Thereafter apply some moisturizer and massage gently over the face. The preliminaries are over and now one can begin with the final application of a beautiful makeup.

Foundation is the base of any make up that is used to enhance the complexion and smooth out the skin tone. Apply small portions of foundation at different places on the face and then blend it properly using a sponge or brush, covering the jaw line, corners of the mouth and nose to give a flawless look.

Depending on the skin types there are liquid and semi-liquid foundations. Liquid foundations are the perfect choice for dry skin. After the right foundation use a good concealer to hide dark circles, scars and other minor flaws. Dab the concealer gently for best results.

Now the make up base is ready and the right time to actually play with colors. Different colors of lipstick, eye shadows, eye liners as well as lenses give a completely different look.

Choose a lipstick that blends well with the skin tone, eye color and hair color. Outline the lips with a fine lip liner and then fill in with the desired shade, following your natural lip line. Lipsticks can be glossy, sheer, creamy or matte. Different textures can be applied for different occasions.

The most delicate and the toughest part of the makeup is applying eye make up. Eyes are the most beautiful part of the face through which one can peep into the soul of the person.

It’s very critical and crucial to choose the perfect make up for the eyes. First define the eyebrows well using the eyebrow pencil. Then apply eye shadows that match well with the eye color and eye shape. Eye shadows are available in pressed powders, loose powders, creams, sticks and liquid forms.

Apply a soothing base color to the entire lid and then darker eye shadows at the outer corners of the eyes. For a more dramatic look a deeper shade is also blended in the crease line and the brow bone highlighted with a different shade. Eyeliners and mascara enhance the eye beauty and give a finishing touch.

Apply the eye liner close to the lashes. Choose the best shades among black, brown, blue, and green that goes well with the applied shadows. Apply the mascara from the underside with less mascara on the lower lashes. Different colors of mascara can be used for a dramatic and funky look. The colors most commonly available are brown, black, navy and green.


The final outcome is a sophisticated, radiant and youthful look. It is no less than applying professional makeup. Below are some of the important guidelines and tips for applying make up.

  •  Clean the face before applying any sort of make up.
  •  Use only clean brushes (keep brushes in an airtight container)
  •  Concealer should a shade lighter.
  •  Use liquid foundation for dry skin and use a good primer for a flawless finish.
  •  Don’t apply too much of foundation around the hairlines.
  •  Foundation should blend well with the neck color….the best way to achieve this, is to use the correct brush.
  •  Refrigerate the lip liner and eye liner before sharpening to prevent the tips from breaking.



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