What Kind of Clothes Should Hourglass Figures Wear

What Kind of Clothes Should Hourglass Figures Wear

what kind of clothes should hourglass figures wear

Do you have an hourglass figure?

Do you know what kind of clothes should hourglass figures wear?

Below is some information that may interest you if you would like to know what kind of clothes should hourglass figures wear.

HOURGLASS SHAPE – The hourglass shaped body, is regarded as the most perfect and feminine of all the figures. You would define the hourglass figure as being beautifully curvy and shapely. Characterized as the perfect woman’s figure it should be acknowledged that every body shape is beautiful and you can create style and class with a little education. If you have an hourglass shape, with emphasizing your already alluringly appealing curves, your waistline will be the center of attention. If you are not sure how to dress according to an hour glass shape please follow the steps below:

If you are an hourglass shape you will notice you have quite a small waist.  With your waist in mind, your bust and your hips will be of proportion and generally the same size. You’re fortunate to have an amazingly knock out figure and some very seductive curves. Knowing how to dress for an hour glass figure is the key to embracing your individuality and boosting your style.

With all these aspects in mind, you have an incredibly well shaped and balanced figure and knowing how to complement your waist line is the key to achieving a fabulously elegant look.

Clothes to suit this body shape – When you are considering what type of clothes would suit an hour glass figure, you really want to seek out styles that will bring attention to your waist line. Remember when you are searching for those timeless pieces, spending a fortune won’t always get you a lot for your money. The objective is to find a few pieces that you can mix and match and get the most value out of. This can be achieved by not always looking in the most obvious of places where you might actually snap up some real little treasures.



  • Looking for pieces that will look tight around your waist, giving you a fitted look. You should search for buttoned shirt/blouses and t-shirts that give you a fitted appearance. You want to accentuate your curves so looking for stretchy materials will work wonders.
  • Jackets that have belts around the waist or any type of jacket or coat that you can draw in around your waist. Stick with short, shaped jackets for the reason being you have amazing hips. You will want to highlight your curves in a very elegant way.
  • Dresses or tops that wrap around your waist are styles to look for. This draws attention to your waist and balances out your figure.
  • Low slimming necklines.
  • Simple tailored lines suit your shape.
  • As you would do with a jacket, find tops that stop at the top of your hips. This will accentuate your hips and lengthen your figure.
  • A-line and slim hugging skirts look fantastic on an hour glass figure. You have the curves to pull this off.
  • Finding the right underwear such as a supportive bra to keep your figure balanced.
  • Simple style Bootleg or straight leg jeans.
  • Wide waistbands can be extremely flattering and should be joined with a well balance top. 



  • Tops or dresses with a wrap-around style, may not suit a short waist figure or a small figure.
  • Avoid wide square necklines. They tend to give you an unbalanced look and give more attention to the top part of your body.
  • Too many layers such as ruffles and frills on the top can unbalance your figure.
  • Pants or jeans with too much detail such as pockets. This can accentuate your hips too much.
  • Avoid narrow leg jeans.


Underwear that suits – What you wear under your everyday clothes is an important factor in feeling comfortable. Finding the correct fit is also a valid aspect of whether or not you are adding to or subtracting from your figure.

  • Bra – A well fitted bra is all that is required to achieve your best look.
  • Underpants – Thongs look great on women with this body shape. They’re not always comfortable but they are evidently suitable for tighter fitting dresses.
  • Shoes that suit – High heeled shoes look great with your curves. Not necessarily the very pointed toe but a shoe with a slight curve.
  • Fabrics – As your shape wear classic styles well, you be looking at soft stretchy fabrics for the bottom half of your body. Tailored plain pants and jackets with preferably two buttons will help elongate your figure. Soft knits that have a tailored look and fit well to define your waist.

As we sum up the hour glass shape, you have amazing curves that you should really show off. Never hide those gorgeous curves under baggy clothes. You have an amazing figure so wearing the right style to cater to your figure will applaud and pay unending dividends to your curves. It’s not important to follow the trends because they do come and go. It is of course a personal choice but it’s searching for those dynamic pieces that will never age. To define that elegant look the search for those mix and match pieces for your wardrobe won’t be hard to find. There is so much choice out there in the fashion market today, that can be obtained from many different sources, which could comfortably fill your wardrobe. We want to help you accomplish a style that benefits your personal characteristics so you can feel your best at all times.

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