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Aristotle said: “Art completes what nature left unfinished”

Great Look Ladies At her dressing table, all women have an opportunity to be an artist. As a make-up artist, it is important to remember that every face is unique. If you attempt to disguise your own features in order to create an ideal, a mistake will be made. You should apply make-up to your face so that whoever looks at you, will have the joy of beauty. The irregularities of your face, should be seen as the features which they really are. A face with irregular feature can be the mirror of a nature full of charm. Choose your make-up to enhance the tone of your skin and remember that your make-up should always compliment your outfit.

When applying make-up, follow your own instincts. There are many people out there who Great Look Ladies are too willing to offer their opinion and make rules regarding the application of make-up. Remember one thing though: you are the one that should be happy with the end result. You should be happy with the way your eyebrows are plucked and only you know what the look is, that you want to create. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say. However, it will be to your advantage to accentuate your eyes. Your eyes are, after all, the windows to your sole.

Take your skin tone in consideration when applying your make-up.

When choosing the right makeup there is an aspect to looking and feeling fantastic that will determine and enhance your own personal attributes. It is imperative to find the perfect makeup to suit your complexion and skin tone. There is often confusion on how to determine your undertones. It must be noted that your hair color doesn’t determine the correct makeup you need, only your skin does.

Great Look Ladies Applying the precise tones that actually suit can really enhance and flatter your appearance ten-fold. To create the look for any season, professionally or socially the aim should really be to feel confident, happy and to have the means to know how to make the most of oneself in any situation. If you are not sure what tones would suit you, there are professionals to help from beauty makeup therapists in department stores, the makeup section in some chemists and online advice.

To determine your specific colors and to make it a little bit easier to understand what type you might be, you will notice a list below which will hopefully help you to identify your own skin tone.

It is, however, very important to keep the occasion in mind as well. Sometimes you’ll need to apply more make-up when you go out at night, or maybe you participate in a carnival.

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Different skin tones:

  1. Soft Tones – Fair/Porcelain, Pale colored skin (Your skin color determines your tone)  Pink and yellow undertones. You don’t tan easily and generally your undertones don’t change if you tan slightly
  1. Medium Tones – Golden and warm skin color – rosy tone Rosy undertones. May be lucky to get a light tan. Undertones don’t change
  1. Deep Tone – Olive skin color. Light brown undertones. Skin will darken in the sun. Undertones don’t change
  1. Rich Tone – Medium to dark brown skin color. Dark Black skin color – Red and brown undertones. Skin will darken in the sun. Undertones don’t change.





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