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Shoes and Handbags Shoes and handbags are the two accessories that will make a tremendous difference in your total appearance.

Shoes and handbags can be seen as items in your wardrobe that will finally complete an outfit. However, please choose a pair of shoes that has the correct height of heal. Ever so often, I see young women wearing heals that they can hardly walk in. Choose a heal that is comfortable for you to walk with. You may be dressed in the most stylish outfit, yet if you can’t walk in those shoes, it doesn’t do anything for your look that you intended to create at all. Not only is it not good for your appearance, it is very tiring as well if the heal is not comfortable for you to walk with. High heals look very attractive when worn by somebody who can walk comfortably in them.

One piece of advice that I can offer is stay away from a white shoes. All a person will see, is your white shoes. (I am not talking about wedding shoes) It will also make your feet appear bigger than they really areas well.

Shoes and Handbags Choose a color that compliments the color of your outfit, or go for a basic color that can be worn with most of your clothes. If your feet are your best feature, then you can get away with any shape that you like. If not, stay away from T-straps and ankle straps. If you have thick legs, you should stay away from that style of shoe as well. Today, ladies shoes are available in a variety of styles to choose from. You won’t have a problem finding the correct shoes.

It is not good to wear the same shoe every day. Also, if you vary the height of your heals, you will use different muscles in your legs and that will keep them more flexible.

Great Look Ladies Your handbags should also be chosen to compliment your wardrobe. It is fun to have a few handbags in different styles for different occasions. The beauty of shoes and handbags, is that it doesn’t necessarily compliment your skin tone, since the shoes or handbags won’t be close to your face. You can choose any colors, as long as they will compliment your outfits.  It is advised that you should have at least one glamorous handbag that compliments your evening wear. That should be different from your handbags that you use during the day.

Remember, if you have a petite figure, don’t choose an oversize handbag and if you have a full figure, don’t choose a tiny handbag. It will throw your whole image out of proportion.

Leather Products

Taking care of your leather products

Shoes and Handbags Natural leather products are more expensive than fake leather, yet, taking care of your leather products, will ensure a lifetime of pleasure with your leather products.

Below, is an article that will guide you on taking care of your leather products.

“Natural wear, aging and patina

All products made from natural leathers, like satchels, will age with time. Just like our own skin, it will need moisturizing and caring for if they’re to be kept in tip-top condition throughout the years. Even with excellent care, they will still age; there’s no avoiding this; a well looked after and aged satchel is just beautiful as a new one, if not even more so.

This ageing effect is called the bags ‘Patina’, it’s a very cherished and admired effect and the effect is almost impossible to replicate properly without submitting it to the natural wear and tear that leather bags go through from everyday use. People can try to artificial age their satchels to make them look older and more battered than they actually are, but nothing looks better than the Patina of a bag that has been well cared for over the years! The ageing process adds character to a satchel and gives it a life-story of it’s very own, every mark, scratch and crack tells a tale.

Great Look Ladies All leather looses moisture and oils over time and with handling. As a hide dries out it’s more likely that the fibers that make up the surface of the skin will break rather than stretch. Every animal hide is unique and some will have less natural oils than others. The more we handle a product made from leather the quicker it will lose it’s natural flexibility due to it’s oils and moisture being transferred to our hands, etc.

To keep any satchel in tip top condition, then we need to ensure the leather fibers stay supple and to accomplish this they will require natural oils or regular moisturizing. It’s always best to regularly use a leather care product to replace those oils and keep the leather supple. We recommended that you use one that is designed specifically for caring for satchels, such as “Satchel Hero” but any leather care product is usually better than nothing. Mink Oil or Neatsfoot Oil are also considered to be good natural leather care products. Also please note that you should never use a product that contains Lanolin – so be careful using baby wipes to clean your satchel as they can often contain it.

Polishing and scratches

Scratches cannot be prevented, so if you don’t like the antique effect that scratches will give to your satchel then it’s advised that you keep it away from sharp or metallic objects and generally give it careful consideration when handling and placing it down on the ground, etc.

Another way to protect your satchel is to apply a boot polish, Vaseline or saddle soap. This will coat the leather with a protective finish that will make it more durable. Please note that applying ANY from of polish, even a clear or natural color, will almost always change the color of your leather. So test a small area of leather first (such as the tag/key-ring we supply with your bag) and then check your happy with the final color before applying to the remainder of the bag.

Endeavor to apply polish at least every couple of weeks, if not more often as you would with a fine pair of leather shoes. We believe that using a traditional polish in combination with our premium leathers will develop one of the finest patinas over time.”

Source: The Leather Satchel



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