Your Own Personal Style

Your Own Personal Style


Your own personal style

Is it really that important to create your own personal style?

The Answer is: 


If you have your own business or have a great career, it is important to know how to create your own personal style, in order to communicate your individuality to the world.

In business you know that you have to create your brand so that people can recognize it wherever you advertise. To complete your brand, you have to look the part as well. It is a fact that people who are well dressed, makes a better impression than others. In your business, or in your career, it is crucial to look the part. If you are in a career or business where you are in the public’s eye, it is even more important that you need to look decent at all times, even after hours. You never know who you may bump into.



With all the fashion “noise” all over the place, you may ask: “How do I do that?”

It is easier to create your own personal style, than you may think.

I have outlined a few thoughts regarding the latest fashion trends for you, that you may find helpful while creating your own personal style. Your own personal style may change from time to time, as you and your lifestyle change over the years, yet the basic principles will stay the same.

The latest fashion trends should not be followed religiously, when you create your own personal style.

It may be very tempting to follow the latest trends that are advertised in the magazines and just blindly go to the shops and buy what looked so fabulously beautiful on the model that you saw in a magazine. Although the model may look beautiful in that specific outfit, it is not necessarily suitable for your body type.

Your own personal style Remember, the shops have to sell their stock. They display their products in such a way that it is appealing to most people. Anybody may step into the trap of buying clothes blindly without a plan. When you desperately need a new outfit for a specific occasion, you may just run to the shops to find something to solve a problem on the short term.

Any color will look great on the mannequin in the display window….after all, all that she is, is a mannequin, without skin tone.  Apart from color, your body type is the most important aspect to keep in mind when you want to create your own personal style.

If you are overweight, please stay away from a tight mini dress or skirt. You may have the confidence to wear that skirt, but you won’t look good in it and it will have a negative impact on how people perceive you. In fact, nobody should wear a tight mini skirt or dress to the office. It is just not elegant and in any office setup, it is important that you strive for a more elegant look.

You can be sure that there will be very few of your friends who will be honest with you and tell you that something doesn’t look good on you. They may decide not to hurt your feelings and rather keep the friendship safe, than tell you that you don’t look good. If you do have friends who are really honest when it comes to advice, that is great and you should cherish such friendships.


Some people have great confidence and no matter what they wear, it doesn’t matter, nor does it influence their confidence. Such people should even be even more aware of which clothes or accessories they buy.

At the end of the day, you should want to create your own personal style that will be part of your brand. Keep in mind that although it is your own personal style, it should still be good on the eye of other people, meaning your audience or clients.

No matter how much confidence you have in your career or business, if you wear something that people consider inappropriate, you won’t be chosen to speak at a public event or represent your company.

You may think to yourself: “Oh, I do very well….I don’t need to work on my appearance.” I can assure you, if you do well in your career now, by just dressing as you think is “OK”, you will do way better, if you follow the basic principles of creating your own personal style.




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